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Family owned and operated, Putnam Plumbers has been serving
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areas for over 30 years.

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The most trusted St George Plumbers.

Family owned and operated, Putnam Plumbers has been serving as your St George plumbers and surrounding southern Utah areas for over 30 years. Our current and past clients know us for our prompt on time service, our reliable expertise, and our tradition of excellence. We offer free estimates and are your number one St George plumbers for all Residential St George Plumbing and St George Commercial Plumbing. Do you want the newest and greatest plumbing features in your house? We not only install plumbing in new homes being built, but we can install any new features in your existing home for less than you would expect.

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Did you know that newer plumbing and hardware in your home can pay for itself in water savings? A Putnam Plumbing water softener can extend the life of your water using utilities like faucets, refrigerators, dish washers, and water heaters by years! A Putnam Plumbing hot water recirculating pump will save you thousands of gallons of water a year that go to waste while you wait for your shower water, or sink water, or dish water to get hot. Call Putnam Plumbing your St George plumbers for a free estimate on how much a newer system will cost, and how quickly it will pay for itself in water savings!

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You don’t often think about your Hot Water Heater until it no longer works. Age, climate, and our extremely hard water are all culprits to the longevity of your Hot Water Heater. We will inspect your Hot Water Heater and teach you how to prolong the life of the unit. Of course, if a repair is not possible, we carry the best Hot Water Heater St George Utah selection and one of the best plumbers in St George Utah will install a new one quickly to get your hot water back up and running.

St George homes are ever-changing and improving. If you are remodeling any part of your home, have the peace-of-mind knowing that one of the most trusted plumbers in St George utah will come out, inspect your plumbing, and give you a fair & honest evaluation of what you need to get your home up to date with the newest plumbing technology.

How many thousands of gallons of water you are wasting per year, waiting for your water to get hot? Let Putnam Plumbing, the best St George Plumber, install a recirculating hot water system in your home.

The Best Plumbers in St George Utah

A recirculating hot water system constantly circulates hot water in your home, giving you instant hot water. Over time, our recirculating hot water system pays for itself in money saved on wasted water.

Do you have slow moving or standing water in your sink? Did you know your St George home has drains both inside and outside your home? The drains in your sinks and showers are subjected to all sorts of nasty buildup. St George sink drains collect grease and other food products over time, and bathroom drains collect build up of hair and skin care products. Whatever your St George drain problems are, we can fix it and get your water draining in no time.

Garbage disposal problems are the number one reason for kitchen sink drain issues. Did you know that there are different powered garbage disposals for optimum use? Putnam Plumbing, one of the most trusted plumbers in St George Utah, will inspect and make sure your kitchen sink has the proper garbage disposal installed.

Does your septic system have back up issues? Is there an issue with your leach field? Putnam Plumbing has been serving for over 30 years as the premier St George Plumbers septic repair specialists. It is a dirty job, so let us do it for you. Our certified St George septic tank specialists will not only repair your system but also teach you how to prevent possible future issues.

The softness of water is measured in “grains.” Anything above a level 6 is considered “Hard Water.” St George Utah hard water usually tests between levels 10-15. This St George hard water causes not only dryness of skin, but can lower the service life of all the appliances and hardware in your home. This includes faucets, dishwashers, hot water heaters, showers, tubs and spas. Plumbers in St George Utah can test the level of your water and install one of our St George water softeners to filter out the hard minerals and keep your skin and appliances in their best condition.

One of the most damaging things you could be flushing down your St George Toilet is flush-able wipes. If your toilet is not flushing properly, or you just want a new look style in your bathroom, Putnam Plumbing does it all. If your toilet is clogged and a simple plunger doesn’t work, don’t do more damage by improper use of tools. Call us for a free estimate for all your St George Plumber needs.

Is there a water leak in your yard? Do you need a new water line run to your house or for another purpose? Contact Putnam Plumbing. We are one of the most trusted St George plumbers with over 30 years of business in Southern Utah. Call us to give you a free estimate on repairing, replacing, or installing water lines.